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• 11/24/2017

I'm here

I was perma'd on the PvZ wiki by JackNinja5, so I have to go here.
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• 9/16/2017

Regarding the new "school year"

We need to update this wiki to fit in with what's happening now.
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• 5/21/2017


Everyone, this wiki needs to be edited for new characters and events. I can't do this myself. Also, I need someone to do a synopsis for each event.
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• 12/21/2016


Hello all,

It's me, Evergreen. Evergreen Gaming the user. The user who revived the PvZ Institute.

I've decided to return somewhat to this game, just to see what's going on. All positions will remain the same, That Really Annoying Guy being owner.

Anyways, Shadow-shroom and Moonflower are back.

That is all.
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• 12/21/2016

The PvZ Institute: A ruined Christmas.

Had to re-post. Rules same as the main one.
Plot: Feastivus/Christmas is approaching and everyone has been invited to the Institute for a celebration, but Zomboss' zombies ruin it by destroying stuff. BBQ's reaction? "What else could go wrong?"
Use your Institute characters.
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• 12/4/2016

Hi everyone

Hey everyone.
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