BBQ Corn is a plant in The PvZ Institute. He was RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210's first character.


Fun-loving. Is sometimes quiet. Mostly based off of the Locked Room character ROCKFLAME. He has a crush on Fire Peashooter. Despite his rough appearance, he's not always serious.


Red Stinger: He is best friends with Red Stinger and they both like Transformers. RS is like the D4rk51d3 of the Institute.

Fire Peashooter: He has a crush on Fire Peashooter. The 2 have a relationship practically the same as ROCKFLAME and 574lk3r's relationship in the Locked Room. In fact, FP usually responds to BBQ's "You've got a point" responses to things she says with an "I always do", which came from 574lk3r.

Spineapple: He used to hate Spineapple.

Mayflower: He's friends with Mayflower. Mayflower is extremely inclusive, but she has bossed BBQ around at times.


  • He and Red Stinger formed a rebel group against Carrotillery when he took over.
  • He created the Beast Morpher device to save the group from radiation on prehistoric Heromob.
  • He built several robots based off of some Japanese cartoon characters, like Plantes V, Plantaimos, Plantbattler V and the upcoming Plantzinger Z.