'Blover is one of Moon Snail's two characters, the other one being Hurrikale. He's very shy and doesn't really want to be in the institute, but stays by request of his brother.


He was brought to the institute by his brother Hurrikale. When he went there, he encounters several characters trapped in a container made by an insane Repeater. After Hurrikale freed them with the support of Snowdrop, he was sent to use weapons against Repeater. However, this never panned out, as Repeater dropped them into a chamber.


  • Hurrikale: He respects him as his brother, but isn't very happy of his choice of bringing him to the insitute. Regardless, he stays with him.


  • Blover's personality is based off of Moon Snail himself. As such, Hurrikale's is based off of his brother's.