Cherry Bomb 1 is the main protagonist of his gang of plants.


Age: 18

Debut: The Revival of the PvZ Institute #26

Friends: Bonk Choy, Torchwood (deceased) and Snowdrop

Likes: Cookies, Peace, Generally everyone

Dislikes: Spiders, War, Blood, Chloroplastoxin, Zombies


Cherry Bomb 1 has a kind and caring personality, unlike his brother Cherry Bomb 2 who is the complete opposite. He is also revealed to have arachnophobia (fear of spiders).


Cherry Bomb 2

Despite being bullied constantly by the latter, he nonetheless shows care for his brother even in face of danger.

Bonk Choy

Both plants have been interacting well, and could collaborate with each other. They also share an equal amount of social skills.


Cherry Bomb 1 greatly respects Torchwood as a plant officer, and becomes sad upon watching the latter's death.


When Snowdrop was first introduced, Cherry Bomb 1 immediately recognises her. This could imply a good relationship between the two, though it has never been shown.