Cherry Bomb 2 is a supporting character in a gang of plants, and currently the main antagonist in Operation: Gargantuar Prime.


Age: 18 (Two minutes older)

Debut: The Revival of the PvZ Institute #26

Friends: Repeater

Likes: Cookies, death, murder, explodonations, Repeater, mind-controlling zombies

Dislikes: His brother, mostly everyone, oppositions against him, portals, chambers, chloroplastoxin


Unlike his brother, Cherry Bomb 1, he is more destructive, selfish and arrogant. He is also super-aggressive and will not stop to care for anyone. Sometimes, he does have a soft heart on occasions, but only if it pushes him too far.


Cherry Bomb 1

He takes his brother as a sign of threat and annoyance. Therefore, he frequently bullies him but on occasions, he would defend his brother.

Bonk Choy

These two plants never interacted well with each other, as both constantly fight and quarrel with each other, especially when Cherry Bomb 1 reveals Bonk Choy's nickname to the other plants.


He is semi-responsible for the death of Torchwood, and does not really care about the latter. When Cherry Bomb 2 first meets him, he is the only plant rude to him.


Both of them have not interacted with each other much, but Cherry Bomb 2 once said that he liked her destructive nature in combat.