DJ Morning Glory is a character from the PvZ Institute who just arrived. He has no plans of learning whatsoever, but he tries to mingle with other plants. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, he is only available in the Chinese version as part of the Legendary rarity.


Not much is known about DJ Morning Glory's history yet, but in the past, he learned the music so quickly, he had to become a DJ. He beated the sounds a lot. He had the talk with Hypno-shroom, but he had enough.


DJ Morning Glory has a beating personality. He beats anyone down and "never takes the music fade". He proves to anyone that life is meaningless without music. He even releases soundwaves upon possible, especially when eating. In fact, he has an obssession of music.


  • DJ Morning Glory blasts soundwaves that blasts anyone near them and can deafen them.
  • DJ Morning Glory can blast himself to unknown destinations ahead.
  • Plant Food Effect: DJ Morning Glory produces a large shockwave that pushes anyone nearby back and damaging them.

Experiences So Far

DJ Morning Glory has learned about the explosive sight from earlier and warns Lightning Reed about it.

DJ Morning Glory has no taste about camping but he has to do the activites regardless, with Lightning Reed by his side.

DJ Morning Glory has a dislike on fusions, and he likes to rhyme. In the Fusion Overload event, DJ Morning Glory matches with DJ Hypno Reed. When he saw Stallia about to lose the solution by being sucked into the black hole, he takes her place and remains in there forever.


  • DJ Morning Glory has no upgrades.
    • This might be because he is an upgrade himself from Super-Phat Beets and Morning Glory.
  • His debut was not thought out by the user.
  • He is the first character to permanently die, not couting Aloe.