Hypno-shroom is a character in the PvZ Institute, and resides in the area where the camping took place. In the Plants vs. Zombies series, he appears in Plants vs. Zombies 1, 2 (Both games have roles as a plant needing to be eaten to hypnotize a zombie) and Garden Warfare 2 (As a spawnable plant).


Hypno-shroom, at his area, enjoyed peace around, as there was that peace almost every time. He stops any problems and was helpful in his area to anyone. However, he had nothing to work on (AKA not having any hobbies to do). He tagged along with Lightning Reed and DJ Morning Glory, not knowing what he's doing - abondoning the area.


Hypno-shroom is calm, and usually delays his speech. He believes anyone is friendly, and even then that someone is not, he hypnotizes that plant or zombie to convince him or her to the good side. He also convinces them to stay silent almost all the time.


  • Hypno-shroom hypnotizes anyone who see his eyes after seconds.
  • Hypno-shroom can forsee the cause of certain events, when glowing green.
  • Hypno-shroom has psychic powers, meaning he can move objects through his mind.
  • Hypno-shroom can forsee the future, but slightly.
  • Plant Food Effect: Hypno-shroom upgrades the hypnotized victim permanently.

Experiences So Far

Debuting in the 12th thread, and before the final challenge during the camping session, Hypno-shroom observes Lightning Reed looking for DJ Morning Glory, who disappeared. He helps him later on, after the final challenge.

When the bus is about to fall, he is the first one to notice that all students' teleportation abilities were disabled.

Hypno-shroom forsees the futures of many plants in the Institute, and many futures were instantly followed. Some of them are incorrect, too.


  • Hypno-shroom's decision whether to join the Institute or not is undecided.