Lightning Reed is a charcter from the PvZ Institute and is one of the early students registered. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, he is part of the Wild West plants available.


Lightning Reed's history is quite confusing, but he was friends with Mischief Radish, who got vanquished to ashes through a nuclear bomb. Lightning Reed was not found by the plants later on, and it's unknown where he went. However, he did stored a bunch of electricity, but he needed to learn more, so he registered to be part of the Institute.


Lightning Reed is an average plant. He catches up to what to do, but he almost had enough of the Institute - getting transformed into another plant, getting vanquished a ton of times, etc. He is currently a "clone". He takes up tasks and figures out problems.

Although it isn't shown yet, Lightning Reed listens to radios and shows the electrical hits.


  • Lightning Reed zaps enemies in arc, like in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Lightning Reed can charge his own electricity for a powerful electric attack.
  • Plant Food Effect: Lightning Reed creates a thunder cloud which targets one enemy and zaps him or her until he or she is vanquished.

Experiences So Far

Lightning Reed is good at how many HP zombies have, and is attached to bunch of plants. He once got turned to Ghost Pepper via Petal-Morphosis, but was turned back.

Lightning Reed was vanquished a lot of times with reasons, therefore he was cloned to get back. He opposed the idea of Carrotillery being the prinicpal so he helped the rebel group to stop him.

Lightning Reed is quite into the activities in camping.

Lightning Reed is quite natural and neutral with most events going on. In the Fusion Overload event, he isn't disturbed by the fusions, but when they attacked, he fought average.


  • Lightning Reed's upgrade is Thunder God Grass.
  • It is said that Lightning Reed and Mischief Radish have supposedly not have any relations at all, but they are just normal friends for life.