Stallia is a recurring female character in the PvZ Institute series owned by Fairy27. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, she is part of the Lost City plants.


Stallia brought her team down before, but she acts slightly serious this time. She wanted to make a new living in exchange. She overheard Citron about the fusion idea and she steals it. However, the fusions weren't a good idea at all.


Stallia has many ideas for fusions, but she always falls asleep without notice. She makes plans, but most of them are unused. She does let plants and zombies stop and smell perfume, so she should know that they should be aware of her actions.


  • Stallia stalls enemies with perfume, and can knock them back.
  • Plant Food Effect: Stallia stalls literally everyone in a large area.

Experiences So Far

Stallia debuted when she was making fusions for Christmas. As a test, she attempts for a triple fusion, but it turns out to be evil. She went to the Institute.

Stallia can defuse fusions and make all disappear in the Fusion Overload event. She was DJ Hypno Reed's target, proof of the black hole aiming at her.


  • Stallia is Fairy's first female character which is ironic .