The PvZ Institute is the RP that revolves around a place called the PvZ Institute.

Known RPers and their characters

  • Fairy27 - Lightning Reed, DJ Morning Glory, and Hypno-shroom
  • That Really Annoying Guy - Winter Melon
  • RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210 - Fire Peashooter, Invisiflare the Poison Ivy, Spineapple, Overvolt the Electro Citron, Red Stinger, Shellery and Pylon Imp
  • JeloEducal - A.K.E.E, Sweet Potato, Dandelion, Neon Buckethead Zombie, and Tennis Champ
  • SuperGaming101 - Chomper, Snapdragon, Jack O' Lantern, and Ghost Pepper
  • Dihaha - Cabbage-pult, Rotobaga, Endurian, Spudow, and Nightcap
  • Whizwhite - Electric Currant, Primal Sunflower, Shrinking Violet, Intensive Carrot, and Thyme Warp
  • HDF0UnofficialAccount - Four-Leaf Blover, Bananasaurus Rex, and Abracadaver
  • Chilly Bean BAM! - Squash, Primal Potato Mine, Primal Peashooter, Dusk Lobber, and Prickly Pear
  • TheO0032:Threepeater and Repeater (Repeater is semi-evil)
  • Evergreen Gaming: Shadow-shroom and Moonflower.
  • PeaVZ108: Cherry Bombs, Bonk Choy, Torchwood and Snowdrop
  • Waddle Dee Guy: Spyris and Coffee Zombie
  • Moon Snail: Blover, Hurrikale and Agave
  • Plasmapea010: Plantern